The Evolution of a Canvas

In this blogpost I will show you the evolution of a canvas.

! Voor de nederlandstaligen: Een meer gedetailleerde post over dit canvas vind je in mijn creatieve groep, waar ik je graag voor uitnodig. Je vind de groep hier: Ben je al lid dan is dit de post over dit canvas:

I am more of an Art Journaler but in 2015 I started to work more on canvasses. In 2016/2017 I was part of art auction groups on Facebook and sold work to mostly american or canadian art lovers.
Lately I have been art journalling more, but there are still a number of even unfinished canvasses stored in my studio. Recently I finished one of those canvasses wich made a big journey throught different fases. I would like to show you some of those in between fases in this blog post.

The start of the evolution of a canvas in 2014

I started with this big canvas (80 by 60 cm) inspired by the course Bloom True by Flora Bowley. She works with lots of layers alternating cool and warm colors and using a lot of markmaking tools to get texture and shapes. Because of the time span I am not really sure of what I used, but will share my idea's.

1. Start with warm colors

My not so favorite color Red. Not so is an understatement, I dislike Red a lot, so I thought lets start with that, I can cover it up later.

2. Several layers of marking with lots of different tools

Continue in 2015

3. Contrast with black and white
4 Unify and adding more and more.

And then the canvas was put to rest for a long time. At one point I added tissuepaper and flowers that got covered up again. No idea when I did that, I could not find any pictures of it. Just some small details show that the canvas on the picture below is the same as the one up here.

Finish on june 5 2021:

The canvas when I started that day, the same picture as above but turned. I saw a landscape and decided to make a tree, my favorite subject in a lot of my work.

With a palet knive I made a tree, leaves and more color and shapes to the bottom and top of the canvas and this is the result.

I hope you liked this evolution of a canvas. I will show you more in the near future, because there are more waiting to be finished.

What are you going to finish in the next weeks?

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