Masterclass Mixed media Epoxy

Yesterday I had a Masterclass Mixed Media and Epoxy at Creatief Coaching in Zwolle.

A whole day where we made one large and 3 smaller art works on MDF using epoxy, powertex and lots of other matrials.

As usual there was also given a lot of coffee, tea, sweets and a great lunch to keep the energy levels high. That was really needed that because it was a long day.

And then in the end of the day I went home with nothing. The epoxy has to get hard so transportation of the still soft art is not adviced. I will pick my work up to weeks from now.

The pouring pieces like the pink flowery and the light blue one can still change because of the pigments moving. So it will be excited to see what the end result is. For now only the pictures from how I left them there. To be continued.


Some pictures of this day


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