Its Top 2000 blog party time again


Its Top 2000 blog party time again. For the 8th time in a row I am joining this party organised by Marit Barentsen. If you go to the link on her website you can find all the info to join this party. Also in my previous blog post you can see more about old entries from 2012 - 2015. The entries from 2016-2018 are in blogposts every end of the year.

Enough about that. I let myself usely be inspired by titels of songs. Sometimes I look up the lyrics to get an idea what to include in the page and sometimes I add some of the lyrics. Because I make mixed media pages I can do anything I like. So if you look through all my old entries you will find lots of different techniques and materials.

Today is the first day of the Top 2000 blog Party: december 25 2019

My first entry: nr1839 Green Eyes from Coldplay

I am not much of a face drawing person, but if I do make a face it is with green eyes. My own eyes are also green with brown. Mind you not as green as the drawing i made here. Made this drawing using india ink and acrylic ink with some added color using ecoline markers. Some pencil lines do darken things and her are the Green Eyes.



For my second entry of today I used the nr 1821 Living Doll by Cliff Richard and the Young Ones:

For this I let my inner child paint.  Played mostly with waterdown gouache and black india ink to make my doll. Faces are difficult especially when they are this small. But as long as I was having fun.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow?

top 2000 blog party

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