Inktober 2018, the next days


I am a little behind again with making my drawings for the inktober 2018 challenge by Jake Parker. Some of the prompt are not easy and then I keep thinking and not making pages. If you mist the first blog post about this challenge you can find it here.

Day 7: Exhausted:

Hanging of a beam, sleeping, totally exhausted from all things in life.


Day 8: Star

For this prompt I made a kind of doodle star shaped figure. Just played with figures.


Day 9: Precious

This prompt immediately made me think of the Lord of the Rings, so I made Gollums hand with the ring which he called: My precious


Day 10: Flowing

Flowing makes me think of water, so made a waterfall in a landscape.


Day 11: Cruel

What to do with this one. I had no idea, do not like cruelty or depicting it, so finally I just wrote the words with ink drippings to make it a bit more cruel like.


Day 12: Whale

For this prompt I made a killer whale (orka) jumping out of the water.


Day 13: Guarded

Made a box with a lock that is guarding whatever is inside. If you want to look into the box, you will have to find the key.


Day 14: Clock

The drawing speeks for itself, what more do I need to say about this.


Day 15: Weak

Another prompt that took me I while to think about what to draw. I made this little plant with his weak stem.


Day 16: Angular

A little abstract with a lot of angles. And that is also the final drawing of this blogpost. Half way there with this inktober challenge.


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