Inktober 2018, the final days


I have just one more drawing to make for the inktober 2018 challenge by Jake Parker.  Just could not decide and get a good idea of what to make. So I will leave it for now. If you mist the other blogs about this challenge you can it here and here

Day 17: Swollen:

I made an eating hamster. Its filling its cheeks so they look really swollen.


Day 18: Bottle

For this prompt I made a  drawing of my supplies I used for this challenge. The Bottle of ink and my dippen.


Day 19: Scorched

A drawing of scorched sausages on a grill.


Day 21: Drain

Day 20 is still not made so I give you day 21, the drain. Accompanied with drops of water.


Day 22: Expensive

Lots of things are expensive, but not always easy to draw. So I decided to make a big house that is for sale. Must be really expensive, judging to the size of it.


Day 23: Muddy

Stepping with boots through a lot of mud, makes them really muddy.


Day 24: Chop

Chopping carrots with a knife.


Day 25: Prickly

Ever gave cactusses a new bigger pot. I can tell you that they are very prickly.


Day 26: Stretch

Another prompt that took me I while to think about what to draw. I decided to make a text where the T is a figure that is stretching.


Day 27: Thunder

This one didn't turn out the way I wanted it. But yes, I love thunder and lightning. Always have even as a kid I would get out of bed at night to watch the sky when it was roaring and lightning.


Day 28: Gift

A box with a ribbon. What kind of present does this package hold?


Day 29: Double

Just played with two similar doodle flowers. Are you seeing double?


Day 30: Bolt

For this prompt I made a wrong picture, because I used the word Bolt. The original prompt was Jolt.

I thought it was Bolt, so made a drawing of our toilets bolt. It is probably the only completely original item in our 50's house.


Day 31: Slice

The very last prompt for this challenge is slice. I made a drawing of a slice of bread. Maybe I will still do the day 20 to totally complete the challenge but we will see. For now it was fun and hope you liked seeing my little drawings



  1. Jenny de Bode on November 14, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    Wat een ontzettend leuke serie pentekeningen Carla!!

    • James bond on November 15, 2018 at 9:52 am

      Heel mooi gemaakt WAT een creatievetijd shapo

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