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East west, home's best:

Winter is coming in my part of the world. Time to sit in a warm house and create something. So I would like to share this little houses foldout page that was first created for the Dutch facebook group Artelier Tierelier. Hope you are inspired to create something and if you are I would love to see what you made.

Supplies used by me:

An art journal

Thin cardboard or thick paper (I recycled the inside paper of a role of giftwrapping paper)

Paper: Scrappapier/ magazin papier or whatever you have

Glue: any glue you like (I used matte medium)

Acrylic paint: Colors you like, I used black, white, green, pink and more.

How I made them:

Use a cardboard or strong paper strip that is slightly smaller in height than your art journal and 3 times the maximum width of your art journal page.

Use one side to decorate with paper scraps (about one third is the roof and the rest is the walls).

When this is dry paint the back of the paper with paint. Again one third for the roof and the walls I left black to create a space for journaling.

When all is dry fold it in three pieces like a harmonica. The folded paper should fit easily in your journal and the top should be the scrappaper site.

After folding the pages cut sections of the roof part to create an actual roof form. If needed you can also cut of part of the top and bottom. Never cut the folds or it will fall apart.


Make a painted background in your art journal.

Glue down your folded houses. Add windows and doors with paint or collage. On the back you can do some (hidden) journaling.

Have fun



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