Day 6 of the TOP 2000 blog party

December 30 2019: Day 6 of the TOP 2000 blog party:

It's day 6 already of the Top 2000 blog party and I have again made two pages. How time flies, tomorrow is already the last day. And also the last day of this year.

For today I made a fantasy page and a page with collage.

Nr 530 Fantasy by Earth, Wind & Fire

For this page I started drawing fantasy flowers, a boat in the sky and lots of other things. After drawing all the outlines and text with a black fineliner I used ecoline markers to color the page.

Is it fantasy enough for you?

top 2000 blog party
Nr 432 Time in a bottle by Jim Croce:

For this page I cut a lot of clocks out of collage paper. Arranged them in the shape of a bottle and used adhesive plastic to put over it. Then cut the bottle out and glued it to a page. The page with the circle background i already had, so used that. Added some text with a marker and finished.

Lots of time in this bottle.

top 2000 blog party

Tomorrow is the last day of this blog party. I have no clue what I am going to make for that. Nobody also noticed that from day 2 on I thought it was 2000 now, because on most of my art I wrote top 2000 2000, instead of top 2000 2019. Funny. Well so far I made 12 entries in 6 days, so hopefully I can complete this and make two more for tomorrow. Just wait and see.


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