Day 5 of the TOP 2000 blog party

December 29 2019: Day 5 of the TOP 2000 blog party:

It's day 5 of the Top 2000 blog party and I have again made two pages. I made a second page yesterday, so I will have again 2 pages to show today.

These are my songs for today:

Nr 791 Waves by Mr. Probz 

For a monthly inspiration in my Mighty Networks group I made a page with waves. Well, actually it where clouds,  but if you turn the page up side down they look like waves. When I found the tittle waves on the top 2000 list I immediately thought of this page and decided to use it. I added only lyrics to the page with a white marker. And.....ready. Sometimes it really can be this easy to make a page.

top 2000 blog party
Nr 630 Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea

I made this page yesterday, suddenly thinking about making something with dies from the Elizabeth Craft Design Planner Essentials. Use a black card stock background. All the other papers where things I had in a drawer from all kinds of experiments. The snow is from paper where i added moddeling paste through a stencil. I just teared a few strips and glued them to the background. All the christmas trees, the car and the big stars where die-cut using the above mentioned planner essential dies. These where cut from photopaper stained with alcohol ink. Added some golden lines in the car and around the stars with a golden marker. The text was written using two colors of Dr. Martin india ink and a nip pen.

top 2000 blog party

Tomorrow is already day 6. For now I have only one page ready. See you tomorrow.

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