Day 4 of the TOP 2000 blog party

December 28 2019: Day 4 of the TOP 2000 blog party:

It's day 4 of the Top 2000 blog party and I have again made two pages. Had only one page at first but got inspired last night and made a second page

These are my songs for today:

Nr 1086 Four Seasons in One day by Crowded HouseĀ 

This is the second page I made for the party today. I already had the second and had no inspiration. Loooking over the titles one last time I got thinking about four seasons in one day. I wandered off to a four season mandala I made years ago. In the previous century even. Maybe I could do something with that. I printed my picture and glued it to a page I made black with ink. Then added the title around the painting with some dots and mooncycles.

top 2000 blog party
Nr 880 Spread your wings by Queen

When i saw the tittle spread your wings I immediately thought of a flying bird. Found this beautiful swallow picture in my stash. With watercolor I made a landscape background and glued the swallow onto it. Added a part of the lyric to the page and some other marks.

Look at him fly, fly away, fly away.

top 2000 blog party

Tomorrow is already the fifth day. I have one page ready, lets see if I get inspired to make a second one again.

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