Day 3 of the TOP 2000 blog party

December 27 2019: Day 3 of the TOP 2000 blog party:

It's day 3 of the Top 2000 blog party and I have again made two pages. Today I had less inspiration and ended up with pages with mostly collage

These are my songs for today:

Nr 1459 Ain't no mountain high enough by Marvin Gaye &  Tammi Terell 

I used a picture, I think it is from the ANWB magazin and glued that to the page. I was thinking about doing a painted over collage, but decided to leave it like this and just add big handwritten letters on some of the left over of this page. So a different approach again.

top 2000 blog party
Nr 1416 Fire flies by Owl City:

I found a starry background page in my stash of pictures and glued that to the page. Found a fire fly picture on the internet printed 3 of those and painted partly over them using acrylic paint. Since the performing artist is Owl City I thought that adding a picture of an owl would be a nice addition. The owl is slightly painted over and I extended the branch he was sitting on also using acrylic paint.

Maybe not ten million fire flies, but just amagine that the stars are also fireflies. 🙂

top 2000 blog party

Tomorrow I will probably only have one art work inspired by this music party. But you never know I might suddenly have inspiration.

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