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Book of Days

Book of Days:

The first week of Book of Days session 2 from Effy Wild was making a manifesto and using a picture of yourself
I was feeling nostalgic, wanting to go back to the days were I did not have a filled brain with lots of clutter. My brain has always been like a supercomputer with lots of terrabytes, just storing and storing even all the negative things and without a good litter bin
I found a quote by Christian D. Larson and used an old childhood picture of myself for this page.

book of days

For the second week Effy was inspired by the song True Colors that Tamara Laporte and Gracie Howle sang there version of for a water project
You can still donate for this project and also get a free art class from Tamara, just follow the link

This week I almost copied Effy's example. It was all about colors and I liked mine so much that I did not want to cover the background up to much. I just used a little zinc white acrylic paint to make the background a little bit whiter

book of days

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