For the ecourse JOT from bloknoteacademy we have a module about printing. Different printing techniques are discussed, one of them is using the gelliplate to make art journal pages. For the following spread I did not follow a lesson from JOT. That is why I call this JOT inspired and I am sharing some of the proces. I used a small (postcard size) gelli plate to make a background.

Patterns where made with all kinds of shapes from my junk drawer. I have paper shapes, die cut foam, paper doilies and more in this small drawer. All waiting to be used. For the JOT lessons this year I am really trying to use up things I have lying around. So far I have not bought anything new, just used what I have.

For the background I only use a few matching colors and printed with the gelliplate until the whole background was covered.

Then I used a paper with a cutout of a butterfly as a stencil on the gelliplate and added several of these butterflies to the page. Added some more shapes to the pages using small art foamies that I first stamped on the gelliplate to get a less crisp print.

By then my pages looked like this:


Then I added a paint covered paper doily, a painted paper hand, and some more collage elements. I added color and outlines to some of the butterflies and the stamped shapes. Found a quote on the internet that I found to be matching with this page and added that.

And this is the final result of my spread.


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  1. Marit on May 10, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    Hé Carla… even een middagje ‘vrij genomen’ (er moeten nog heel wat klussen en klusjes gebeuren in ‘t appartement!) om blogs te bezoeken en wat in mijn nieuwe atelier te ‘freubelen’… en dus ook even een bezoekje aan jouw blog. Aaaahhh, de gelli-plate! Ik heb ‘m keurig in de kast gezet maar hoop toch binnenkort genoeg tijd en rust-in-mijn-hoofd te hebben om ‘m weer eens te gebruiken, da’s alweer zo lang geleden! Geniet nog van de dag/het weekend, het wordt opnieuw mooi weer beloven ‘ze’ (momenteel drijft er bewolking binnen maar we hadden ook vandaag in M’burg een prachtige dag, al was het niet meer zo warm als afgelopen dagen…) LIefs van onder de Lange Jan 😉

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