A second Evolution of a canvas

Another canvas is finished so I will show you a second evolution of a canvas. Another one that was made over the span of 6 years. In this blogpost I wrote about finishing some very old canvases I started years ago.

! Voor de nederlandstaligen: Een meer gedetailleerde post over dit canvas vind je in mijn creatieve groep, waar ik je graag voor uitnodig. Je vind de groep hier: https://creatief-in-je-element.mn.co/

Ben je al lid dan is dit de post over dit canvas: https://creatief-in-je-element.mn.co/posts/de-evolutie-van-een-canvas-2

The start of this canvas in 2014

I started with this big canvas (80 by 60 cm) inspired by the course Bloom True by Flora Bowley. She works with lots of layers alternating cool and warm colors and using a lot of markmaking tools to get texture and shapes. Because of the time span I am not really sure of what I used, but will share my idea's. Here is a second evolution of a canvas.

I started again with fingerpainting in warm colors.

Then I added several other layers with cool colors, marks and more.

Continued in 2015:

The canvas was parked in a corner of my room for more than 3 months before I added more layers. Added white and black with all kinds of tools. And added some more color in specific places.

What do you see in this canvas?

New start in 2019

In 2019 when I looked at it again I thought, too much of everything and decided to clear most of what was on that canvas. If you look real close you can still find some things from the previous picture

And then I decided to paint a tree with weird heart shapes. Added collage elements. I was in the middle of a training for creative coach and maybe that had something to do with it.

And then the canvas stayed hidden in a corner, until

June 2021

I started with getting rid of the strange heart shapes. Added layers of leaves in the tree. Also added more color to the bottom of the canvas. Another animal and an air balloon was added and much more color and contrast.

And now onto Canvas number 3 to finish that as well.

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